Funders, Networks, & Allies

Resources from Funders and Allied Organisations Supporting Sex Workers’ RightsWe have organised the growing community of organisations supporting sex worker rights and provided brief introductions to strengthen the support available to the sex worker rights movement.
We have categorised them (funders, sex worker-led networks, and allied organisation) as well as created tags for key topics that intersect with our work.

“JASS is a feminist movement support organization. In this movement moment, when people across the world are rising up against inequality, violence, planetary destruction and corruption, it is not a surprise that women – those most impacted by these crises – are also at the forefront demanding change.
But mobilizations can fade away. Real change takes time.
JASS equips community-based women activists to organize effectively and support feminist movement leadership to turn outrage and grief into lasting change. We offer tools, training, knowledge and on-going accompaniment to women and their organizations so they can build and sustain resilient and powerful movements. We build bridges, open doors and stand in solidarity with them to challenge and change the policies, practices, structures and norms that perpetuate injustice.”