Announce 2022 dates for grant applications

Our 2022 Call for Applications will be open 17 June to 24 July!

Our 2022 Call for Applications will be open 17 June through 24 July 2022! In the coming weeks we will be working to update and finalise our 2022 Applications and Guidelines so that they are available to download and work offline. Our funding criteria and priorities remain the same, however our procedures have been updated... Read more »

Programme Advisory Committee Members Recruitment

Update: The 2022 ISC has approved the stipend schedule for the 2022 PAC meeting. All PAC members will be compensated on a sliding scale (€1250-1700) depending on how many applications each PAC member scores. The deadline to apply has been extended – applications submitted before 9:00 am CET (Amsterdam) Tuesday 12 April will be considered.... Read more »

International Steering Commitee Members Recruitment

Red Umbrella Fund is the first-ever global grantmaking collaborative guided by and for sex workers. Red Umbrella Fund is guided by an International Steering Committee (ISC) made up of sex workers and donors. The ISC decides the grantmaking criteria, approves the annual budget and makes other strategic decisions. The Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) advises the... Read more »
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About us

Red Umbrella Fund is the first global fund guided by and for sex workers. We believe that change will only be achieved through strong, collaborative movements of sex workers advocating for their rights, with the support of their allies. Sex workers themselves are the best positioned to know what is needed for them, and best placed to do something about it. Red Umbrella Fund exists to mobilise resources to help strengthen and sustain the movement in achieving human rights for sex workers.

“It’s helpful having sex workers making funding decisions because we understand which projects or groups will really be effective towards positive change. Bottom line, it’s our bodies, our lives, and we should be at the forefront of all decisions affecting us”  (member of Red Umbrella Fund’s Programme Advisory Committee)

Since its creation, Red Umbrella Fund gave out 157 grants to 104 groups and networks in over 60 countries, spending over €4M ($4,6M) on grants and raising over €6.5M ($7,4M) since 2012. All our grantees are selected by our international Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) which is led by sex workers.

Learn more about how to apply for a grant here.