Publications & Tools

We have organised our growing library of publications and tools to better serve the sex worker-led movement, funders, and allies. We have highlighted key topics that intersect with our work including participatory grantmaking, donor finders, and other work contributed from regional networks, sex worker funders, and other organisations that support sex worker rights.

“At the time of Mama Cash?s founding, prostitution and pornography were most often interpreted by members of the women’s movement solely as forms of oppression and the exploitation of women. (During the 1980s, people mostly used the word “prostitute”. After the publication in 1987 of Carol Leigh?s anthology Sex Work: Writings By Women In The Sex Industry, the broader term “sex worker” gained in popularity within the women?s rights movement). Mama Cash?s position was that women in the sex industry have the same right as all other women to sexual and economic self-determination, an independent and legally accepted existence and protection against discrimination and violence. This position has always guided Mama Cash?s activities and has led her to support both Dutch and international sex workers’ rights movements. Over the years, she has managed to bridge the gap between activists in the field and the international donor community and has continued to be a leader in the discussion about sex work.”


“Feminist movements are key drivers of transformative and lasting change. Yet they continue to receive just 1% of all gender focused aid. The case for WHY feminist movements need more and better funding has long been made, and is increasingly heard.

Now HOW funding moves needs to change. AWID and Mama Cash, in the context of our Count Me In! partnership, are excited to share our new report in which we catalogue concrete positive practices, “Moving More Money to the Drivers of Change: How Bilateral and Multilateral Funders Can Resource Feminist Movements.”


For International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers 2019, Mama Cash invited two sex workers’ rights activists to join Mama Cash on the podcast: Velvet December, Advocacy Coordinator for Dutch sex workers’ union PROUD, and Vera Rodriguez, Programme Associate at international fund for sex workers’ rights activists – the Red Umbrella Fund. You also hear from Mama Cash’s grantee-partners the English Collective of Prostitutes about their current campaign.”The livelihood of sex workers must not be collateral damage to the dismantling of the patriarchy.”

The Podcast unpacked?about how sex work intersects with capitalism and patriarchy, recent developments in legislation and activism around the world, and why sex workers are calling for decriminalisation (and not the Nordic model). Plus, they share what we can all do to support our local sex workers’ rights movement. Transcript available, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud, or Stitcher.