Nana Millers

Nana Millers is an unapologetic rural transgender youth sex worker and feminist with a quite strong experience in transgender and gender diverse activism and an extensive history of advocacy on transgender sex workers and gender diverse sex workers rights in Uganda.

Nana is the Founder and Executive Director of the Trans Youth Initiative-Uganda a rural transgender youth woman, transgender youth sex workers and gender diverse led organization in Western Uganda that strives to advance, protect and promote rights of rural transgender youth women, transgender youth sex workers and gender diverse youth. Nana is well equipped with knowledge and information about laws, human and health rights and it has enabled her to transform into a skilled and knowledgeable individual/activist who is willingly serve the community regardless of the harsh and cruel environment they live in.

Nana has been vocal about the needs and issues of transgender sex workers and gender diverse sex workers communities in various spaces such as the Youth Council – a platform that brings the unique reality of adolescents and young people in all their diversities to the attention of the Executive Director of The Global Fund to Fight HIV, Malaria and Tuberculosis (GFATM). She has also been part of leading training institutes and where she has acquired in-depth knowledge, expertise and is an alumnus of: The Youth Action Lab, The Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) and CREA’s Feminist Movement Building and Rights Institute (FLMBaRI).

Nana Millers is a recipient of the Accountability International Leadership Award 2021 (Youth Leadership Award). The Accountability International Leadership award is presented to persons or organizations who play an exceptional role in promoting accountability in the international response to human rights and inclusive sustainable development.


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