Georgina Orellano

Georgina Orellano is a Feminist sex worker. She is the National General Secretary of AMMAR, Argentina’s sex workers’ union, which has 6500 members throughout the country. She began her social activism for the defence of human and labour rights of sex workers in 2009, when she allied herself with a group of colleagues in Ammar because of police persecution and bribery and the harassment of a group of neighbours who wanted to expel them from the work area. From 2010 to date she has participated in many national and international forums, congresses, symposia and talks on sex work, feminism, human rights and trade unionism. As a leader of the sex workers’ movement, she has made visible the precariousness and institutional violence experienced by the sector and has promoted alliances with multiple organisations to improve the quality of life of sex workers. In 2018, the Paris Bar Association awarded her with a prize/recognition for his struggle in the defence of human rights, which AMMAR is carrying out.


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