The Global Mapping Survey

This survey forms one of the first steps of the Racial Equity Index
Working Group to create a definition of Racial Equity within the Social
Justice and Global Development space.
“Our first data report (released June 2021) which focused on the demographic and quantitative data was a starting point for us, as a collective, in understanding the state of racism in the global development sector.

As a volunteer, BIPOC-led collective the data analysis of the Global Mapping Survey was done deliberately to ensure that we asked all relevant questions of ourselves and of the data that was presented. The data you see before you, along with our analysis, has been peer-reviewed at every stage both internally by our working group members but also by our independent peer-review group.

An important note we want to make: The results of the Global Mapping Survey serve as a summary of both the quantitative and qualitative data collected. This edition of the Global Mapping Survey report contains additional analysis of the qualitative data that is meant to complement the existing quantitative analysis. The Racial Equity Index requests that individuals, groups, and organisations reviewing this data do not isolate or pull out specific data points without connecting them to the larger context of the work the Racial Equity Index is doing.”

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