Documenting Human Rights Violations of Sex Workers in Kenya

This 2008 report provides extensive research relating to human rights violations of sex workers in Kenya. From it’s Executive Summary: “Currently, Kenyan national law criminalises the involvement of third parties in sex work. Municipal by-laws outlaw ?loitering for the purpose of prostitution,? ?importuning? for the purpose of prostitution and ?indecent exposure,? criminalizing sex work itself for all intents and purposes. Researchers interviewed 70 women sex workers, held six focus groups with sex workers across Kenya, interviewed public officials and convened a focus group with police in order to find out how this framework affects sex workers. This study found that Kenya breaches, in its law and practices relating to the treatment of sex workers, its own constitutional provisions and standards contained in international human rights instruments.” Also published on our website: [RUF Post – Why Sex Work should be Decriminalised] and funded by Open Society Foundation.

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