Publications & Tools

We have organised our growing library of publications and tools to better serve the sex worker-led movement, funders, and allies. We have highlighted key topics that intersect with our work including participatory grantmaking, donor finders, and other work contributed from regional networks, sex worker funders, and other organisations that support sex worker rights.

“At CIVICUS, we know that civil society groups, organisations, movements and individual activists around the world constantly face barriers to accessing information on relevant donors and funding opportunities, that?s why we created the Donor Finder!

Donor Finder includes:
List of progressive donors offering funding and non-financial resources to civil society, including small and even informal groups and individual activists.
Simple but complete profiles, organised by geographic region, that will help you identify donors who align with your work and needs.
Annual reviewing and updating to ensure best possible information.
Available in English, French and Spanish.

All featured donors agreed to be listed in this directory. Please check back for updated versions, and email us at if you want to suggest an improvement or recommend a donor we could add to this list.”


Discover what funders are most likely to support, learn about their
interests and perspectives, and gain the knowledge you need to find
additional resources. [Note: Subscription required. FDO Essential subscriptions from $31.58/mo] View

Videos in a series from NSWP called Global Fund Basics.
Included are videos on:
The Board, Constituencies/Delegations, and Committees- you’ll hear about the history of the Global Fund, how it’s structured, how it works, the three civil society delegations and the three standing committees.
Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCM) – The CCM is responsible for identifying the work that needs to be done in HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and submitting technical proposals to the Global Fund, identifying the Principle Recipient and overseeing the implementation of grants.
Catalytic Investments – Catalytic Investments are a portion of funding for the Global Fund supported programmes, activities and strategic investments that are not fully covered through country allocations.

The videos are in English and is also available with Spanish, French, and Russian subtitles.


“The Advancing Human Rights initiative tracks the evolving state of global human rights funding. It is a collaboration between Candid and Human Rights Funders Network, in partnership with Ariadne and Prospera. Our aim is to strengthen funders’ decision-making, promote collaborations, and improve the effectiveness of human rights philanthropy.”


The Sex Worker Donor Collaborative members have shared information about how to apply to each of their organisations for grants. Sex workers can sign up for the mailing list for occassional updates from SWDC.