Publications & Tools

We have organised our growing library of publications and tools to better serve the sex worker-led movement, funders, and allies. We have highlighted key topics that intersect with our work including participatory grantmaking, donor finders, and other work contributed from regional networks, sex worker funders, and other organisations that support sex worker rights.

The Sex Work Donor Collaborative (SWDC) organized a Discovery Journey for the 2023 Human Rights Funders Network Funding Futures Festival entitled “How intersectional grantmaking can support Sex Workers and other marginalized movements in shrinking civic space.” We hoped to offer an opportunity for funders to meet sex worker activist leaders and build more support for the effective intersectional movements we need. However, our session welcomed less than five people, including our facilitators. The energy across the convening was palpable, but there was little mention of sex worker rights outside this session. As a philanthropic community focused on the most marginalized movements, this was concerning. We believe these were some of the issues at play: