Sex Worker Leadership in Grantmaking

Programme Advisory Committee Members 2023 Recruitment

About Red Umbrella Fund
Red Umbrella Fund is the first and only global fund by and for sex workers. We publish one Call for Applications each year. Since its launch, RUF has offered 7,886,500 EUR in more than 250 grants to sex worker-led organisations around the world.

Who makes what decisions? Red Umbrella Fund is guided by an International Steering Committee (ISC) made up of sex workers and donors. The ISC decides the grantmaking criteria, approves the annual budget and makes other strategic decisions. The Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) advises the ISC about which new grants to make. Day-to-day work is done by a small Secretariat team of four staff.

What do PAC members do? PAC members read and score the applications and select which applications should be funded by Red Umbrella Fund. PAC members can stay on the PAC for up to 3 years.

Who are on the PAC? The PAC has up to 11 members, always with a large majority (at least 80%) of sex workers. Red Umbrella Fund wants a PAC that is diverse in terms of gender and geography.

Who can apply?
Red Umbrella Fund is looking for five sex workers or strong allies from somewhere in:

2 in Africa (including North Africa, West Asia)

2 in Asia and the Pacific

Latin America and Spanish-speaking Caribbean

Minimum requirements:
✓ Language: able to read and discuss funding proposals in English.

✓ Availability: able to commit 5-10 hours each week between August and October to review applications and to participate in PAC meetings .

✓ Affiliation: be part of and/or endorsed by one sex worker-led group or network.

✓ Internet & Laptop: regular access to email and stable internet connection.


  • PAC membership is voluntary, unpaid and requires a high level of commitment. PAC members must be able to read about 5 to 10 proposals each week during the review period.
  • Positions for allies are limited on the PAC and relevant sex worker candidates will be prioritised.
  • Exceptionally PAC Members were compensated in 2020-2022. The ISC will be reviewing the compensation policy for 2023 prior to the application process beginning.

What can you gain?

  • The PAC is an exciting and meaningful opportunity to contribute to Red Umbrella Fund’s grantmaking to sex worker groups around the world.
  • As PAC member you learn more about sex worker activism in different regions.
  • Many PAC members find the experience useful for their knowledge about philanthropy and activism.

How can you apply?
E-mail the completed self-nomination form together with a support letter to: [email protected] by 9:00 am CST (Amsterdam) 7 April 2023.

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