Support to grantees

Red Umbrella Fund supports sex worker-led groups and networks to develop their own organizational capacity, according to their own priorities and processes. 

Our core funding grants can include costs for capacity building and technical assistance as identified by grantees as their priority.

In line with our commitment to a sex worker-led, participatory approach, our focus is on facilitating peer- led capacity building, including the use of community consultants. This values the existing skills within the movement and enables sex worker-led organizations and networks to share and benefit from the expertise of their peers.

Red Umbrella Fund also provides technical support to grantees on preparing for, managing and reporting on their grant. Staff provide feedback on work plans, budgets and reports and work with groups, as requested, to develop their planning, prioritizing, reporting financial management and fundraising skills.

We aim to use and create opportunities – especially online – for our grantees to learn from and share knowledge with other sex worker groups and allies.