Apply for a grant

Our 2021 Call for Applications is open from 21 June 2021 until 1 August 2021 (18:00 CET).


Review our 2021 documents carefully! Our funding criteria and priorities remain the same, however our procedures have been updated to improve accessibility, security and safety of our applicants.

Apply online:

Download the 2021 Application Guidelines here (also available in Spanish, French, and Russian).

All organisations will use the same application form. The online form may be accessed here: English, Spanish, French, Russian.

The Online Application will begin with a series of questions designed to assist you in determining if your organisation is eligible to apply for a Red Umbrella Fund grant. If you are not sure how to answer any of these questions, you may contact us at

You may work offline, using these forms, but only applications submitted through the online system will be eligible for grants.

To work offline, download the 2021 Application Form here: English, Spanish, French, Russian

Check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here.

Who can apply?

Red Umbrella Fund provides funding to sex worker-led organisations aWho Whatnd networks that are:

  • based in any country in the world;
  • registered or unregistered;
  • led by sex workers who identify as women, men, trans and/ or non-binary.

Our criteria

If you wish to apply, your group, organisation or network must fulfill each of the following criteria:

1. Be led by sex workers.

2. Focused on benefiting sex workers.

3. Be committed to connect to and strengthen the sex workers’ rights movement.

4. Agree with all the principles of Red Umbrella Fund.

We do NOT fund:

  • Organisations that are not led by sex workers;

  • Organisations that seek to abolish or criminalise sex work;

  • Organisations exclusively providing social or medical services;

  • Organisations founded by or structurally dependent on political parties, government agencies or religious institutions;

  • Business, credit programmes or income-generating activities;

  • Academic research;

  • Individual requests;

  • Organisations that have a project or programme with or for sex workers, while the organisation as a whole has a broader focus.

What kind of grants do we give?

Type of funding

Red Umbrella Fund provides flexible core funding to support the general coordination, functioning and strengthening of a group, organisation or network and its members. Core funding can be used to cover self-identified needs of the grantee partner including registration costs, rent, salaries, advocacy, (peer led) capacity building, membership meetings, activities, etc. Our funding is flexible, therefore grantees can adjust their plans during the grant.

How much funding can be requested?

Red Umbrella Fund currently provides two-year grants of between €8.000 and €50.000 (up to €80.000 for regional networks). The average grant size has been about €20.000 per year. Please be realistic in your request and do not automatically request the maximum amount.

More details and tips in the 2021 Application Guidelines.