Grantmaking & Accompaniment Sex Worker Leadership in Grantmaking

Call for Feedback from Sex Workers, Funders & Allies

Survey: Red Umbrella Fund eligibility criteria and grantmaking priorities  

Every year, Red Umbrella Fund publishes a call for applications. Consequently, every year, Red Umbrella Fund’s International Steering Committee reviews the call for applications and the eligibility criteria and grantmaking priorities it specifies.

This year they have asked the Secretariat to solicit input from the sex workers’rights movement, funders and allies through a survey. The global sex workers’ rights movement is a collective term reflecting a diversity of movements, networks, groups and individual sex workers’ rights activists around the world.

Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback, the survey will be available through 28 February. 

Please share this widely within your community and networks:

Link to Survey

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