Grantee-Partners Map

In the 10 years since our launch in 2012, Red Umbrella Fund has given 279 grants to 180 organisations in 68 countries. Every year we share our list of grants including the names of the grantee-partner organisations that request to be published on our website. Organisations that wish to stay anonymous do not have their name or country publicly available. Please contact us if you would like to contact any of our former-grantees or discuss their work.

In 2022 Red Umbrella Fund’s PAC awarded €1,300,000 – our first time giving more than a million in a single year – bringing total grants to €7,886,500!

Organisation Name Country Region Years
Asociación Colectivo Flor de Azalea Ecuador Latin America 2022
Asociación de Mujeres Trabajadoras Sexuales 21 de Septiembre (ASOTRASEX) Ecuador Latin America 2021
Asociación de Trabajadoras Sexuales Trans de Quito (Aso TST de Quito) Ecuador Latin America 2017
Asociación Los Caprichos de Goover Ecuador Latin America 2020
Coalicion de Organizaciones de Trabajadoras y Trabajadores Sexuales de Quito (La Calle en DisPuta) Ecuador Latin America 2016