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International Steering Commitee Members 2021 Recruitment

Red Umbrella Fund is the first-ever global grantmaking collaborative guided by and for sex workers. Red Umbrella Fund is guided by an International Steering Committee (ISC) made up of sex workers and donors. The ISC decides the grantmaking criteria, approves the annual budget and makes other strategic decisions. The Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) advises the ISC about which new grants to make. PAC members read and score the applications and select which applications should be funded by Red Umbrella Fund. ISC members can stay on the ISC for up to 3 years.

The ISC has up to 11 members from different parts of the world. The ISC strives for diversity in its membership including in relation to geography, language, gender, areas of expertise, and affiliations. Red Umbrella Fund is looking for three committed sex workers’ rights activists who identify as current or former sex workers and are part of a sex worker-led organisation based in:

– a high-income country (Canada, United States of America, WesternEurope, Australia, New Zealand)
Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA),
– a non-Spanish-speaking country in Latin America and the Caribbean.

ISC membership is voluntary, unpaid and requires a high level of commitment. ISC members must be able to volunteer several hours per week for ISC discussions and responsibilities at different times of the year.
Candidates must be interested and available to commit to actively participate in the ISC for at least three years. Membership can be renewed once for another three years.
• ISC members must have regular e-mail access and availability to attend ISC meetings (by phone, WhatsApp or Skype) and at least one international meeting per year.

What do we offer?
A unique opportunity to contribute to the only global funder led by the community that specifically focuses on supporting the sex workers’ rights movements!
Direct contact with peer sex workers’ rights activists and allied funders.
Translation support in ISC members for up to three languages.
ISC membership is a voluntary (unpaid) position but costs of participating in meetings are covered.

To apply, please send the self-nomination form filled in in English, French, Russian or Spanish with a support letter to [email protected] by21 October 2021.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Please find more information on the self-nomination form.
In case of any question please email to [email protected].

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