Each application needs at least one endorsement from a sex worker organisation. Most applications also need a second endorsement, which can be from an ally or allied organisation. Note that groups that have been a grantee in the past 3 years do not require a second reference; only a sex worker reference.

If you have troubles with filling in the application form please take a look at our presentation or video on this. Please note that neither reference may be staff or board member of your organization!

Please inform your references that we may contact them and make sure their contact details are complete and correct on the application form. We may contact references through any way possible: e-mail, phone, Skype, Facebook messenger, etc.

Red Umbrella Fund requests references for all applications that appear to meet our eligibility requirements prior to being scored by our Programme Advisory Committee (PAC). Contacting references is not an indication of a grantmaking decision.

Please note that Red Umbrella Fund may seek references from other organisations (e.g. if the references provided are not known to us as a sex worker-led organisation or if your references are unresponsive).