Mission & Principles

The Red Umbrella Fund’s vision, mission and operating principles guide our strategies and operations. Our strategic plan details our theory of change and priorities for the coming years.  You can access it here. 

Our vision

Societies uphold and respect the health, human, and labour rights and self-determination of sex workers of all genders.

Our mission

To strengthen and ensure the sustainability of the global sex workers’ rights movement by catalysing new funding specifically for sex worker-led organisations and national and regional (international) networks.

Our values and operating principles

  1. We recognise the self-determination of sex workers.
  2. We believe that sex workers must be at the heart of the design, implementation, and evaluation of programmes.
  3. We oppose the criminalisation, legal oppression and all other forms of stigma and discrimination against sex work and recognise that sex work is work.
  4. We embrace the gender, sexuality, and all other types of diversity of sex workers.
  5. We commit to learning and using what we learn to inform our interventions and demonstrate the value of working collaboratively.
  6. We commit to support actions that catalyse advocacy for rights based policies, laws, and practices that are based on evidence of what works, as analysed from sex workers’ perspectives.
  7. We commit to advocacy and funding processes that are transparent and accountable.